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At Singer Industrial, we thrive on challenges, viewing them as opportunities to innovate and excel. Our mission is clear: to solve the unique problems faced by our clients in diverse industries. Whether it’s streamlining processes, overcoming technological hurdles, or addressing specific pain points, we approach each problem with a strategic mindset. We believe in delivering not just products and services but comprehensive solutions that drive real, measurable results. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of each industry’s challenges, providing bespoke answers that go beyond conventional approaches. Partner with us, and let’s turn your challenges into success stories together.

Aerospace & Aviation

Singer Industrial knows the mission critical nature of products used to serve the Aerospace and Aviation industries; quality control and traceability are a must for products. We are here to serve as a source for high quality metal hose, PTFE, and expansion joints. Call and Expert at Singer Industrial today.

Aggregates/Sand & Gravel

Aggregates, Sand & Gravel is a key industry Singer Industrial served for decades. From conveyor belt and conveyor belt service to hydraulics and industrial hose applications we have to products in stock today to keep you up and running. With decades of experience we have experts ready to answer you questions today.


At Singer Industrial we provide hose and fluid power solutions for your mobile farming equipment and grain elevators and loading systems.Weather it is hydrulic filter sand PTO’s or PVC hose, hydraulic hose, or farm fuel transfer hose we have a solution for you. Call the experts at Singer Industrial today.

Bulk Transportation

Transportation of dry or liquid products in both rail and over the road transportation keeps our industries running. Handling the transfer of these products safely and without leaks or spills is critical. Experts here at Singer Industrial are ready to supply you with industrial hose, couplings, valves, PTO’s and more. Call us today to see how we can help.


From hoses for dewatering and air transfer to hydraulics on heavy duty construction equipment; Singer Industrial has a solution for you. We have rugged products to stand up to the toughest working environments. Call our experts today to see how we can help you.

Crygenics & Compressed Gases

There’s no second guessing on hoses for cryogenics and compressed gasses. Singer Industrial has capailities not only to assembly but also to clean hoses and remove any trace oil or water. Call us now to see how we can help you with your hose needs.

Dairy Farming & Processing

Dairy farming and dairy production is a key market for Singer Industrial. If you are looking for specialized robotic cleaning equipment or just pressure washer hose or milk transfer hose, you are in the right place. Call our experts today to see how we can assit you.

Environmental Service

Cleaning up the toughest jobs, environmental services require a wide range of hoses from sandblast and water jetting to material suction, steam and metal hose. Singer Industrial stock the right products to fit you for a job. Call now to speak to one of our experts.

Food Processing

When it comes to food preparation you need products that are built to conform with sanitary requirements. We are a 3-A certified hose assembler and weather it is oil or water based food products we have the hoses, valves, & filtration to keep you up and running. Call our experts today to see how we can assit.


Some of the hardest work that builds America, the forrestry industry requires heavy duty products that stand up to continual exposure to water, dirt, heat, and cold. At Singer Industrial you can find everything from hydraulic oil filtering systems, hydraulics, pressure washer, and washdown hose. Call our experts today.

Government & Military

Government and military work requires spec compliance, tracability, and consistency. Singer Industrial is an experienced supplier with Cage Codes and certification to work within these requirements. At Singer Industrial you will find everything from bearings, power units, hydraulics, ducting, material transfer hoses and more for both shipboard and pierside appications. Call our experts now.


Singer Industrial has a wide range of products for both shipboard and pierside applicatoin for the marine industry. Dock transfer hoses, ducting, sandblast hose, paint spray hose, hydraulics, bearings, power units and more. Call the experts at Singer Industrial today.


Underground or open pit, Singer Industrial has a wide range of products to support the mining industry. Heavy duty conveyor belts, installation support, hydraulics, hydrulic filtration, dewatering hose, dust supression hose and much more. Call the experts at Singer Industrial to see how we can help you today.


Your brand is supported by the integrity of the equipment you design and build. Components need to support your design with fit, form, function and be consistent in quality and performance. Singer Industrial supplies products that exceed industry standards as well as custom manfuacturing of hydraulic hose and kits, wire control bundles, power units, molded hoses, hydraulic filters, seals & gaskets. Call an expert today to see how we can help you.

Oil & Gas

When working in the oil and gas industry products need to be built to withstand the extreems of hot, cold, dirt, and oil. For any site offshore to onshore Singer Industrial has products to meet your needs: water transfer hose and adapters, oil transfer hose, chemical transfer hose, hydraulics, wet kits, hydraulic filtration units, sand transfer belt and hose, butterfly & ball valves, frac hose and fittings and much more. Call our experts today.


The petrochemical industry makes products that drive the economy. At Singer Industrial we make best in class products to keep you up and running both during production and through turnaround shutdown. Steam, air, water, nitrogen, hydrocarbon, roofdrain, and chemical transfer hose and fittings are all ready to ship. We provide preventative maintenance services of hose testing to help manage assets and to help prevent critical application failures.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding continues to grow as needs for packaging and plastic based products increases. The demanding applications of molding production lines require hose and couplings that won’t cause unnecessary shutdowns during production. Shutting down a high-volume production line means teardown, cleaning, recalibration, loss of material and manpower. Don’t risk your production on inexpensive catalog company alternatives; come to knowledgeable industry experts that will help with best-in-class products that will keep you up and running. We stock bulk and can make assemblies to meet your needs for Push Lock Hose, Teflon Lined Stainless Steel, Hydraulic Hose, Pneumatic Tubing, Brass Push Lock Fittings, Molding and Pneumatic Quick Disconnects, Expansion Joins and more. Call us, we are here to help with any product recommendations.

Power Generation

Keeping the lights on is your job! Singer Industrial is here to help you with products to keep the grid running. Singer Industrial is here to support you with metal hose, hydraulic hose, hydraulic filters, power units, air & multipurpose hose, gaskets and sealing products and more. Give our experts a call today


Singer Industrial understands the needs of the Rental Industry; we know you need product as soon as you call. STOP WAITING for local suppliers to fabricate, Singer Industrial has the largest on-hand inventory in North America of products to support the rental industry. Call us today for Ready to Ship Premade Industrial Hoses.

Steel & Metals

America is literally built on the steel industry; and providing the highest quality product to the market is key to the North American Steel Producers. The high temperatures and corrosive working environments in steel manufacturing demand the best quality components as well. Singer Industrial provides metal hose, water transfer hose, oxygen lancing, carbon injection, armored hose, hydraulics, air & multipurpose hose, hydraulic filter carts and more. we are here to provide the service you expect and the quality your manufacturing demands. Call us today.

Transportation & Rail

Rail transportion is the artery that supplies North America with liquid and dry products. Handling the transfer of these products safely and without leaks or spills is critical. Experts here at Singer Industrial are ready to supply you with industrial loading and offloading hoses, railcar glandhand hoses, couplings, valves, PTO’s and more. Call us today to see how we can help.

Waste Water Treatment

Important for the wastewater sector, our expertise in creating custom-engineered solutions tailored to the unique requirements sector enhances the reliability and longevity of infrastructure, preventing leaks and minimizing downtime. Singer Industrial specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality rubber and plastic products and offers an extensive range of components, including gaskets, seals, and hoses, designed to withstand the harsh conditions and chemicals prevalent in wastewater treatment processes. Hanna Rubber’s commitment to innovation and quality makes them an essential ally for the wastewater industry, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness and sustainability of wastewater treatment systems.

Wine & Beverage

Wine and beverage production requires products that protect from flavor contamination. Gaskets, sealing products and hoses need to be made to the highest standards and with the correct materials. Our experts in the wine and beverage industry can help you with product selction; call us today.

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