Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

Our journey began with the purchase of Hampton Rubber in 1999. Since that time, we have remained focused on building the organization and increasing our capabilities and strengths. 

Our playbook has been to purchase solid companies with owners who have a success story of their own. These leaders and their companies have over time become part of our success story. Our companies may have a different local culture, but we all share the same values – work hard, focus on family and do the right thing. Our focus is our people and business growth…in that order.

Our goal has never been to be the biggest. We focus on supporting a diverse group of end markets and have thousands of customers who depend on us for mission critical systems and support. We listen to our customers and when we see a need, we look to address. We have formed many long-term partnerships and as they have grown our group has also grown.

Our journey began as Singer Equities, but we are at a point in our evolution where we feel it is time to refresh our brand to Singer Industrial. That said, we are not changing the focus that has made us successful for over 20 years. Where we came from is as important as where we are going!

The Singer Industrial name carries on our heritage and also highlights our group’s focus on industrial businesses and applications of all types. We will maintain the mountain graphic as this is core to our plan – relentless focus on growth over time. Growth of our businesses, growth of our people, growth of the group – always up and to the right.

Moving forward Singer Industrial will continue with the same playbook that has made us successful for over 20 years – our relentless focus on coordinated autonomy. We look to partner with well-managed, profitable businesses where significant operating changes are not necessary and encourage current management to continue doing what they do best – service & support customers. After becoming part of the Singer Industrial group, we coordinate efforts to ensure each of our businesses has access to our full breadth of products and services to offer our customers and integrate back office functions together through best pricing & rebates, training programs, shared best practices, marketing, legal, accounting and HR services. Our goal is to work with the local management team to create opportunities for key employees & incrementally grow the business.


Hampton Rubber
December 1999
Allied Rubber
November 2000
RW Connection
April 2002
Advanced Fluid Connectors
April 2004

Acquired under RW Connection

PRC Industrial
July 2006
National Hose & Accessory
September 2007
Texas Rubber Supply
September 2007
Spartan Industrial & Marine
March 2011
Hanna Rubber
July 2012
Summers Rubber Supply
December 2012
Stewart Hunt
June 2013

Acquired under PRC Industrial

Cumberland Valve
December 2013

Acquired under RW Connection

June 2015
Future Hydrauliks
September 2016
Rubber Supply
February 2017
ACE Conveyor Service
January 2018

Acquired under PRC Industrial

Foster Hose & Fittings
March 2018
Smith Industrial
March 2018
December 2018
Dakota Fluid Power
December 2018

Engineered Products Group, ASI Hydraulics, Y2K Filtration, Fluid Conveyance Group, Midway Machining,  Universal Hydraulics

Quality Conveyor Solutions
February 2019
4 Star Hose & Supply
June 2019
Hydraulic Hose & Assemblies
August 2019
Shipyard Supply
September 2019
Kenco Hydraulics
June 2021
Watts Steam Store
September 2021

Watts Machine & Fabrication

OB&E Rubber
December 2021
Mattson Distributing
August 2022

Acquired under Watts Steam Store

Catawba Industrial Rubber
August 2022
Central Hydraulics
November 2022
March 2023

DR Fabrication

Hotsy Industrial Systems of Tucson, AZ
April 2023

Our Footprint

Large North American Footprint

We provide mission critical products and services to major industrial markets and use our large North American footprint and inventory position to meet / exceed customers requirements.

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