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We Promote a Business Environment Where People Matter
and we act responsibly in how we conduct business.

Environmental impact

Water Reduction

Watts sells pressure washers that improve efficiency of cleaning while reducing the water and chemicals required in the process by up to 70%.

Mass Transit/Electric

Connectall is the primary supplier of hose assemblies to Battery/Electric Bus & transit companies. These companies have been leaders in transitioning mass transit and school busses from diesel to electric.


  • Summers Rubber provides hose for pumps for a company that converts used food oil (i.e. Fast Food chain french fry oil) into biofuels.
  • Summers supplies products to a renewable energy company that recycles food waste and expired food into methane gas and animal food additives.
  • Watts Steam sells and services waste oil furnaces – these furnaces are both an EPA approved method to dispose of waste oil and an extremely cost-effective way to heat warehouses and buildings.
  • Quality Conveyor Solutions (QCS) sells and installs conveyor belts and accessories to a variety of recycling businesses including plastic bottle recycling plants, waste burning facilities that convert trash to energy, landfill reclamation facilities, mulch producers and water treatment plants.
  • Quality Conveyor Solutions (QCS) has sold truckloads of scrap belt to Repurposed Materials, which is a company that repurposes it into a variety of uses rather than sending it to a landfill.
  • R/W Connection fabricates and installs conveyor belt at several single stream recyclers who reduce landfill waste.
  • Connectall has eliminated Styrofoam or cardboard coffee cups, and recycles hazardous products.
  • Connectall rents a recycling waste container for cardboard and plastic reels Spartan Industrial sells products to companies in the recycling/salvage industry.
  • Hanna Rubber has worked with a company’s green initiative to “lighten the load” using recycled and lighter weight materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Hanna Rubber has worked with another company for Recycled products including recycled uhmw plastic for trailers.
  • Hanna Rubber has worked with a company using recycled materials in highway construction and still meet required AASHTO specifications (AASHTO M-153-67, Type I).
  • Hanna Rubber’s Masticated Load Bearing Pads are made using a controlled blend of recycled rubber. https://hannarubbercompany.com/construction-and-building-products/bearing-pads/masticated-rubber/

Food Industry

Watts Steam developed a calf feeder that efficiently delivers liquid feed to calves. These calves are part of both the beef and dairy industries helping the overall supply of those products. The feeder enables ranchers to do the task with significantly less labor.

Food Safety

  • Unisource’s Poly-Flow arm has designed and manufactured the only proven thermoplastic hose for the transfer of CO2 for beverage applications. The design is FDA compliant and is proven not to leach carcinogens. So next time you are filling up your beverage, let your family know that we help deliver than from the truck to the cup safely.
  • Watts supplies the trucking industry with wash solutions to keep salmonella and other disease out of the food they transport protecting the food supply.

Energy Reduction

  • R/W Connection and QCS sell CCR (Composite Conveyor Rollers) that reduce the energy required to move a conveyor belt.
  • Connectall changed all their neon lights for LED’s in the shop and replaced their furnace for a 98% more efficient one.
  • Spartan Industrial sells products to power companies that improve energy efficiency.
  • Hampton Rubber sells products to power companies that improve energy efficiency.

Environmental Relief & Clean Up

Spartan Industrial sells products to environmental companies who respond to oil spills and emergency situations.

Renewable Energy

Spartan Industrial sells products to companies who supply goods/services to the Windmill Industry & fabrication.

Fire Suppression

Spartan Industrial sells products to companies who support the fire suppression industry with alarm booster hoses.

Social impact

Gender Equality

  • Future Hydraulik is focusing on Gender Equality. Future employs equally as many women as men.
  • Future Hydraulik is also advocating for salary equity for men and women for equal job opportunities and experience.

Donation / Volunteer

Hanna Rubber has been partnering with a local nonprofit organization that helps homeless people. They have a store where they sell unwanted items that companies, or individuals give them. We have a lot of scraps of material, hose drops, etc that we bring to them instead of putting in our dumpster and ending up at the landfill. They love what we give them as they get a lot of individuals who use the scraps around their house or in artwork.
Here is the link https://scrapskc.org/


Hanna Rubber works with a local school district in a mentoring program. It consists of meeting with students twice (Mentor Madness, a round robin activity) a year and discussing how we got to the position we are in and what we do on a daily basis.

Core Values / Trust

  • Hanna Rubber is in the people business; customers do business with companies/people that share similar values and are trustworthy. Trust is our company motto and has been our focus for over 40 years — “We are Known for the Promises We Keep”. Hanna is ethical, honest, loyal, and respectful. There is nothing more important than treating everyone with respect, this is core to our values at Hanna Rubber and is visible in our 5-star reviews.
  • Customer satisfaction is key to Hanna Rubber’s business and to maintain a high level we regularly send customer satisfaction surveys, and they are kept on file.

Disability Friendly Workforce

Hampton Rubber subcontracts work out to a local special needs’ workforce. https://www.egglestonservices.org/

Governance impact

Business Ethics

  • Connectall has made recent overseas supplier changes in order to support our commitment to ensuring that we source products from companies with responsible labor practices. 
  • Hanna Rubber has visited a number of our suppliers’ factories, and consolidated our list of qualified suppliers, to meet our commitment to supporting fair labor practices.

Health & Safety

Safety management plan: Connectall built a cafeteria in the shop so the shop employees have A/C, a kitchen with a sink and a Television. We bought ergonomic chairs for the welders, soft rubber carpets for work stations, a massotherapist every month to give employees a 20-minute massage to relieve stress and tightness in the muscles. We offer new safety shoes yearly to all our employees and our group insurance covers a portion of prescription glasses.

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