OnGuard. A Proactive Approach to Pressure Hose Management.

At Singer Industrial, we understand that worn or damaged hoses can lead to catastrophic failures–jeopardizing worker safety, causing costly downtime, and resulting in potential OSHA/EPA fines.

OnGuard Pressure Hose Testing is a comprehensive program designed to maximize hose safety while minimizing risk. More than just simple testing, it’s a holistic approach that safeguards your entire operation.


Best in class training for proper care, maintenance, and storage. Tips for identifying substandard practices and techniques.


Complete on-site asset inspection including status of assets, and recommendations for best practices in construction, maintenance, and standards for service life.


Certified technicians visit your facility to perform thorough inspections and pressure testing to NAHAD Hose Safety Guidelines.


A variety of ID tagging options create individual records in a 24/7 database of certifications and safety standards.


Cloud-based, 24/7 expert reporting. Detailed tracking to include performance tracking, type, date of manufacture, location, serial number, and test results, with alerts for inspections.


Serialized tagging and RFID functionality means failed or aging assets are identified and your inventory is managed, including reordering.

Here’s How OnGuard Pressure Hose Testing benefits you, your crew, and your bottom line.

Enhanced Safety.

Reduce the risk of hose failures and safeguard your workers from injuries. Before they happen.

Reduced Downtime.

Proactive maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, and keeps your operation running smoothly.

Improved Efficiency.

Extend hose lifespans and optimize their performance through data-driven insights.

Industry-recognized Compliance Assurance.

Our testing procedures meet or exceed Hose Safety Institute guidelines, so you meet all regulatory standards.

Peace of Mind.

Gain confidence knowing your hoses are safe and reliable.

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